Motivation for the impact research

During 2 years (2021-2023), the Mind- and Makerspace has been investigated as part of the impact research “Connecting the Dots,” a practice-based scientific research (PWO) linked to 3 programs within Howest. The main goal of the research is to find out whether the MaM’s approach works, under what conditions, and what change it brings about for visitors and stakeholders.

Impact research

Through the impact research, we developed a better understanding of how the MaM works, how we reach our target audiences, and how our approach can make it better. The change model  tells us what the MaM approach is about, and how it relates to the change we want to make. It provides a clear message that we can share with our stakeholders. By comparing impact goals and effects, we can adjust the MaM approach. We choose to make measuring and increasing impact an integral part of how the MaM works.

The research paper (in dutch) consists of the following sections:

  • Summary of the research
  • Brief presentation of the MaM
  • Context and trends affecting the MaM
  • The importance of impact research
  • The change model of the MaM
  • The MaM approach: what we do
  • Activities in the MaM
  • Inputs of the MaM
  • Effects of the MaM
  • Looking to the future
The summary in English synthesizes this paper.

Towards MaM 2.0

To share the research results with the general public, the researchers organized an impact event. We celebrated the impact we have already made, and will make, with the MaM. Future plans for the Mind-and Makerspace were also presented.

The view on the future of MaM 2.0 has a clear direction and it is an extension of the path MaM has taken through its first years. The view on the future is not a new one but a clearer view, with a stronger compass. The road to MaM 2.0 is not a set path but a constantly changing one determined by the people building that road and by the insights gained along the way.

Read more about the MaM.

Research team

Katrijn Bulckens
Katrijn is a creative multi-talent with a passion for exploration, learning and growth. Katrijn focuses on the connections between people, knowledge, domains, organizations and challenges in order to tackle complex challenges together. Collaboration, networking, connecting and empowering each other are the golden thread.

Tijs Verbeke
Creative and innovative thinker and doer, endlessly looking for opportunities to connect and expand. Tijs was involved in the creation and vision development of the MaM, and also coordinator and team leader since 2019.

Hadiel Holail Mohamed
Hadiel, driven by social impact, established several links between the MaM and organizations here and abroad. Hadiel brought in a holistic critical view, a 360° impact reflex and her natural coaching attitude.

Evelien Neirynck
Evelien has experience in leading multi-stakeholder projects and action-based research on the needs of the superdiverse society. She is strong in putting herself in different points of view, in order to come to broadly supported solutions.